Attack reports parser available for...

You can't parse attack reports from your server? You will see here when parser is available for your server.

Attack reports parser available for...

Postby FreeTools » Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:39 pm

In this moment attack report parser work only for reports from:
(If your server was upgraded to T3.5 then you will notice that parser will not work properlly)

Bosnian Servers: *
Croatian Servers: * (Thanks to Robert Gruber)
Danish Servers: * (Thanks to Ridder Huma)
French Servers: * (Thanks to Dieu Cupidon)
Greek Servers: * (Thanks to Diana SV2HRV (degrade))
International Servers: * (Fixed for T3.5)
Israel Servers: * (Thanks to Afik)
Italian Servers: *
Lithuanian Servers: *
Malaysia Servers: * (Thanks to lordjing)
Mexican Servers: * (Thanks to Antonio Veneroso Contreras)
Portuguese Servers: * (Thanks to Pedro Lemos)
Romanian Servers: *
Russian Servers: * (Thanks to Aliaksand Zdrachak)
Serbian Servers: * (Thanks to ????? ?????????? (Darko Maksimovic))
Spain Servers: *
Swedish Servers: * (Thanks to Helder)
UK Servers: * (Fixed for T3.5)
USA Servers: *

If you want to help us translating parser to your language please contact us at
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